Materials science to the need for general engineer saklıdır. the inside of engineers terms, is to devise an appropriate system and producing to fulfill a function, and always with a material issue karşılaşır.inşaat engineer selects the most appropriate to the needs of the existing material, suitable or needs It produces material. For this purpose, durability, functionality and affordability must think together. The selection of the materials, the development of material properties and production methods in the diagnosis and treatment gave rise to the cause depletion of material strength is needed to materials science. Some technical information about construction materials is given in the table below:

Note: environmentally friendly building materials of which the European Community Study Group sign and logo and we recommend ÇEVKO material with CE certificate. You can get a price quote for all these materials.
What Aerated Concrete
Aerated concrete, in the literature "aerated" known as, that provides insulation without using additional thermal insulation materials because of the millions of pores in the body, light weight, earthquake and fire resistant, widely used in the world of stone not soil the presence of the Degel a structure malzemesidir.yeryüz, quartz or sand cement, lime and water is obtained from the mixture.

Aerated concrete features and benefits:
Aerated concrete provides high thermal insulation: Volume is composed of pores filled with 84% air aerated concrete, concrete, thermal insulation properties because it is a lighter than vertically perforated bricks and bricks building material is better than the material. Your type of aerated concrete building with cool, is warm in winter.

 Aerated concrete is slightly dry unit weight max. 400 kg / m3 of aerated concrete reinforced building materials, increase the safety of your building and saves mitigate earthquake reinforcement.
Aerated concrete is tough: Aerated Concrete Building Materials and components are manufactured in a variety of strength required by the construction technology class. Aerated concrete made with tiles, walls and roofs with static properties of durability and flawless.

 Aerated concrete does not burn: aerated concrete products, class A1 according to DIN 4102 "fireproof" building materials group. 1,000 ° C until aerated concrete is resistant to fire, provide fire safety in buildings.
Provide sound insulation of aerated concrete: Concrete foam, providing for a single-layer wall according to DIN 4109 is a building material that provides the necessary sound insulation resistance values.

 Aerated concrete are easily handled: it is one that can be easily processed wood materials such as aerated concrete. Drilled with a drill, planed, screwed nails stuck can easily be opened for installation channels. Reducing waste materials, labor and time savings.
Aerated concrete dimensions are in millimeters: Aerated concrete, sized millimetric precision in a special machine during production. Due to the smooth surface and reduce the burden and cost of plaster.

 Aerated concrete creates healthy places: in millions of aerated concrete pore structure, allowing the structure to breathe, prevents humidity, increases the comfort level.
Aerated concrete is environmentally friendly: aerated concrete quartzite, cement is produced from natural raw materials such as lime and water. Aerated concrete is used where parts are what? Straight Wall Blocks all kinds of concrete, steel, wood, building blocks malzemeleridir.geç be used in prefabricated walls and masonry inner and outer walls of structures such as flat blocks are used in interior and exterior walls. Plug-in blocks with vertical joints is no need to glue application. Thus, while on the other hand increased application speed glue consumption is decreasing. Of-Blocks, which eliminates the use of patterns made of beams, concrete beams are used to prevent heat loss occurring in the block surface in the u-section. Corner blocks are used in combination in order to ensure safety corners of masonry structures against earthquake effects. Concrete is poured into the annular space after the reinforcement is placed on the block. Thus, connecting vertices in each concrete is provided. Filler blocks are the filler material used in flooring. Insulation Plates are used in insulating surface such as concrete beam column.
Sand, Gravel & Gravel is generally composed of quartz grains. Provides SiO2 Glass. Located in beds of high purity in nature. Factory sand, Silifke - are brought from Ovacik. Iron and other raw materials important for all is more important than the sand. Because about 70% of the total blend sand. Quartz stones, sand is cleaner than that in terms of iron oxide containing meat. Quartz eyebrows, calcination before use (roasting) called is treated. This process is cast in cold water after heating quartz 850 ° C for 1.5 hours. Thermal shock suffered quartz stones, crystal structure is changed, it becomes more loose and fragile. Then it is applied facilitates crushing and milling operations. Which ground was broken in quartz mill. Sand contains is passed through a number of processes for reducing the iron oxide. Sand stones in the sand, if any, they cleaved, crushed and ground with the first elimination. After this washing process is passed through a sand flotation process. In the sand washing process and containing a high proportion of very fine particles of iron oxide is thrown. This process comprising iron oxide particles, sand, clean sand grains be cleaned sand flotation method. Sand, be considered to be 98.5% SiO2. Oily Lime Mortar (Rough plaster)
7 bags calcarous lime powder is mixed with 200 liters of water. This mixture was 1 m³ of sand (the sand will be considered to be clean), adding 100 liters of water is mixed again and incubated for two hours. To stand for a while the mortar is beneficial. Reinforced Mortar: LIME LIMESTONE 7 bags of powder slurry made with 150 liters of water. The prepared slurry is stirred for 1 m³ sand 100 liters of water was added again and allowed to stand for two hours. Getting started 4 bags of cement and plaster 100 liters of water is added.
Important Notice: must be protected from moisture. Do not stack more than 10 bags on top. Turkey should be used in accordance with the Standards. Super whitewash lime Instructions for Use Preparation: 1kg. Whitewash lime to 3 liters of water, 1 bag whitewash lime is prepared by adding 75 liters of water. Important Notice: must be protected from moisture. Do not stack more than 10 bags on top. Turkey should be used in accordance with the Standards.
Ceramic and Tile Adhesives
Indoors and outdoors; tile, ceramic tile and walls of glass mosaic and used to adhere to in screeds and applied surface, easy to prepare and apply, has high stability, is a mixture prepared with special cements and polymer additives. Ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone and bricks for interior and exterior of the horizontal and vertical applications and provides excellent adhesion easy to prepare.
The application surface dust, paint, dirt, detergents and so on. grip must be removed from agents. Applications must be repaired prior to the very absorbent surface defects and surface quality must be moisturized.
But self-leveling screed surface 2.geselfing 1.Uygul 3.esermic and ceramic tile adhesive mortar 4.Fayans - Ceramics, etc.
Average 6-7 liters of water and 25 kg of ceramic adhesive is preferably mixed with a low speed mixer to lumps or trowel. The prepared material should be further 1-2 minutes, stirring after being rested for about 10 minutes before application.
Adhesive mortar should be applied to surface application by pressing and then selected according to the size of the thickness of the material to be bonded should be combed with a toothed steel float. At the latest within 20 minutes onto the combed mortar yapıştşr process tamamlanmalıdır.b time for any reason, must be applied to the adhesive surface has been exceeded. For a good adhesion should be taken out of the air with the help of a rubber hammer.
The film formed on the surface during application must be combed again that section, the application must be for a long time exposed to the sun too hot or frozen surfaces. Wall and floor applications will be 20x20 cm from the surface and the application should be applied to both large ceramic mortar to the back of ceramic. Prepared mortar should be consumed within a maximum of 3 hours.
The importance of steel in construction iron bar at a construction .. are the lifeblood of construction began. Reinforced concrete is a composite material formed by harmonious combination of steel and concrete. This material generated in the concrete structural system by concrete compressive stresses that occur under load-bearing element in effect met, tensile stress is met by steel iron bars inserted into the concrete.
Steel in the concrete, such as meeting the tensile strength, ductility system provides carrier. This contribution in the face of pressure on the design loads, or prevent wholesale collapse of the building in unexpected sudden load such as earthquakes. The installation of this nature, the ability to show great deformations before the collapse of the building is the biggest feature in the steel iron bars of the carrier system.
Cement Cement, the main raw materials limestone, clay and gypsum, which is a hydraulic binder. Cement is needed to fulfill this absolute water or feature. Cement is a linker by reaction with water. Crushed limestone, clay and iron ore required and / or sand are brought into joining advice. This material is cooked at 1400-1500 ° C in a rotary kiln. The resulting product is then added to Kline a sum of gypsum to the clinker (4-5%), respectively, into very fine powder is obtained by grinding of cement. Additive in cement production; except clinker and gypsum, cement type 1, including a combination of several tracings, blast furnace slag, fly ash, silica fume and so on. solids. Ciment is the smallest volume in the concrete mix an ingredient; but it is important interior concrete components. TS cement used in concrete production should be in accordance with EN 197-la.

Trees and merges the positive characteristics of the cement structure of the different demands of different parts, construction levhasıdır.betopan need solutions that can offer advantages. Harmful contains no substance, excellent sound and thermal insulation is ideal for prefabricated structures, does not swell in water, mildew-proof, moisture affected is not plastic, infestation does not catch fire, installation is quick and easy.